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Environmental Protection Engineering


Environmental Protection Engineering
Apart from building foundation works, Ryobi Kiso also offers Environmental Protection Engineering services. Our Environmental Protection Engineering services are employed whenever there is a need to prevent the contamination of ground water beyond the polluted areas affected by industrial chemicals, products and waste. The cut-off walls or slurry diaphragm walls are used to segregate the protected and polluted areas, whereby the walls can serve to contain the contaminants within the specified area.

The revolutionary TRD method
One technique that we introduced when carrying out environmental protection is the Trench cutting and Remixing slurry Diaphragm wall method (TRD). The TRD mechanism which was first developed in Japan in 1994 was very well-received in Japan and other countries. In Singapore, Ryobi-Kiso has the licence to use the patented technology and has launched this method for one of our clients recently in 2006.

The Process
The revolutionary TRD method involves cutting a trench using chain cutter mounted on a crawler while simultaneously pumping cement grout into the trench. The rotation of the chain cutter also acts as a mechanical agitator which mixes the cement grout with the in situ soil to form a high quality slurry diaphragm wall that has a higher degree of impermeability, due to fewer lesser joints in the wall.

The advantages of the TRD method are:-
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Minimal ecological damage
  • Creation of a single continuous, high quality, uniform and homogenous wall (trench) instead of a series of drill holes

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